Thursday, August 3, 2017

Weekly Words - 8/3/17

During last Sunday’s sermon I cited a recent “news” story that was about a mega-church, prosperity gospel preacher who allegedly was going to sign a 6-year contract with another congregation for over 100 million dollars. As it turns out the story was intended to be satire. With the flood of other hard to believe news stories last week mostly related to the current person filling the role of President of the United States, this satirical piece about a preacher seemed to be more real than satire given the seemingly demoralizing political and religious state of affairs affecting communities all throughout our country.

Sadly, this satirical story does highlight how many prosperity-gospel preachers take advantage of people and places for their own personal gain.

As we look ahead to this coming Sunday’s service, we will read together the gospel account of Jesus and the disciples witnessing the multiplication of loaves and fishes. I’ve been struck this week by the verse, "And all ate and were filled; and they took up what was left over of the broken pieces, twelve baskets full” (Matthew 14:20).

Broken pieces. Broken. Have you ever felt broken?

From some perspectives, much about our country feels broken right now. Every so often, as a human being I feel broken...broken in the sense that I’ve failed or can’t seem to be who I’d like to be or who I want to be. Broken.

This gospel story reminds me that in brokenness there is hope and promise.

Will you join us this Sunday to explore more this thought? Invite someone to join you. They’ll be glad you did!


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