Thursday, August 10, 2017

Weekly Words - 8/10/17

“When the minister is away...members may be tempted to play."

Dear FBCD Family & Friends:

As many of you know, today begins a two week vacation for me. I’m on my way to New Jersey where I’ll be spending time with my kids and family. Next week, I’ll return to Colorado to welcome one of my brothers to Denver. He and I will be traveling to meet friends in South Dakota to witness the solar eclipse before I return again to our Mile High City.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to this time off. However, know that I will miss you and the many things that happen at 1373 Grant Street on a daily basis.

Typically, when ministers or pastors take time off it can be tempting for members to take time off too...especially from Sunday services. :-) I want to encourage you to be different than many. You can anticipate meaningful services over the next two Sundays. As I like to say, invite someone to join you. They’ll be glad you did!

Also...while you’re at FBCD on Sunday...or maybe even during the week, see if there’s anything you can do to help out. Check in the office with Shirley during the week. On extra mindful of visitors and guests. If something is out of place or should be taken care of...step up and do what you can to offer assistance.

It is a real privilege to serve as your minister. FBCD is in a season of growth and with this growth comes very good energy. I hope you can sense this. Your presence is helping to make this so.

Between August 10th and 23rd, if you know of a situation within our church community that requires pastoral care, please contact the church office. Shirley will notify Rev. Nancy Darnell, Deacon Scott Pegues, or Rev. Eric Reagan. One of these leaders will respond. If there’s a situation requiring care outside of office hours, please contact one of these individuals directly.

Know I’ll be thinking of you even while I’m traveling. FBCD is a good place and I look forward to returning and hitting the ground running as a new program year gets underway.

Peace and blessings!

First Baptist Church of Denver is a welcoming and affirming, inclusive Christian community that embraces diversity, engages personal faith, and serves with compassion.