Thursday, October 12, 2017

Weekly Words - 10/12/17

Dear FBCD Family & Friends:

I trust this week has been a good week for you. Following last Sunday’s service and sermon, I took intentional time to admire the stars in the night sky. In fact, I took a mini-retreat and viewed the night sky above the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota. My first evening of viewing, I witnessed a shooting star as well as a couple of orbiting satellites. It was good food for my soul. I hope you’ve had a chance to view the beauty nature and God’s handiwork this week too.

Looking to this Sunday, please remember to allow for extra time to arrive at FBCD on account of the marathon taking place near the Capitol Hill district. Please don’t be discouraged by the race and different traffic patterns.

FBCD’s service will be a moving one filled with good music and an inspired sermon.

Invite someone to join you. They’ll be glad you did!


First Baptist Church of Denver is a welcoming and affirming, inclusive Christian community that embraces diversity, engages personal faith, and serves with compassion.